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The broad expertise of (i)²

(i)² is a service organization which is accredited by the
Magellan Network  

A network of HR executives and specialists of international mobility

Experiences in training and lecturing since 1997
(i)²  teaches intercultural management in several schools and universities

Concrete tools for improved management practices

Based on the research of G.Hofstede, F. Trompenarars, E.T. Hall, Ph. d'Iribarne,J. Demorgon, and coupled with 14 years of experience in the field, we have developed high performance teaching and training tools (cultural orientation mapping, mobility index, case studies...)

A research and education committee of first order
  • Jean-Luc Cerdin (Associate Professor at ESSEC, specialist in management and competencies developpement in the context of international operations)
  • Jacques Demorgon (Philosopher, historian, an academic authority in the field of intercultural positioning in France and germany)
  • Jonathan Levy (pedagogical)
  • Nathalie Lorrain : associate manager of'(i)²