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Our approach

 A genuine engagement and creativity
  • A LONG HISTORY: Itineraires Interculturels has been a pioneer in the field for 14 years, since 1997
  • A PROFOND INVOLVEMENT IN THE FIELD: because of its in depth knowledge of the intercultural field, (i)² trains tomorrow"s managers in the top schools in France; (ESSEC, ENPS, IGS, INALCO, ENSAM Parithech)
  • AN IN DEPTH ENDEAVOR: (i)² continues to lead research projects (IC Paris X, SIETAR, ESSEC)

 Our passion for "the other", our involvement and contribution
  • Each of our training session factors a genuine understanding of our client and the challenges they face
  • Through its unique methodology of the "5 Cs", (i)² shows a deep involvement in developing intercultural competencies

 Our passion for quality and innovation
  • Our passion for quality is clearly demonstrated through our client feedback which rates us a 8.5 out of 9 in 2010
  • The accreditation granted by the Magellan Network is also a testimony of quality services in our field
  • A carefully crafted commitment to excellence: our Approch is participatory, diversified, sharply focused and iterative
  • Continuously enhanced: ongoing improvements are the result of a collaborative effort between our partner clients, our consultants and our education committee

 In close proximity with our client and acute attention
  • A proactive awareness of our clients' needs
  • Long term partnerships with our clients enhance our understanding of their challenges
  • Loyal clients who trust us to adapt to their challenges