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Our target public and examples of intercultural training

Internationalization of work teams :
mastering the cross-cultural dimension has become a necessity, a strength and provides you with additional leverage.

Who takes part in our trainings ?


  Managers of multicultural teams

  Coworkers within a multicultural team

  Human Ressources

  Import / Export operations

  Project Managers


  International auditors

  Technical Staff 

Itineraires Interculturels has already dealt with these specific situations and is ready to help you with them

Examples of trainings

  Follow-up during the expatriation process (before departure, during and upon your return)

  Intercultural management Intercultural communications

  Establishment of an HR process in an international context

  Business communications in an international context

  Management of international projects

  Intercultural negotiations Missions in an international context

  Competency transfer

  Requirements for your partner

  Working in multicultural teams

  A critical look at various cultures ( countries and geographic entities)